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Huub Boekhorst is a designer-maker from the Netherlands with current residence in the United Kingdom. He grow up in the jewellery industry with both parents working as goldsmith designers and started his career with traditional fine jewellery. At the age of 18 he started at the Dutch school for gold and silversmithing; De Vakschool in Schoonhoven. 2 years of education followed by 2-half year internships. Where he developed himself as traditional goldsmith and entrepreneur. From the start of his career he was fascinated to create bold, high quality, innovative, exciting luxury products. In his portfolio we see the pieces he made and how he pushes the boundaries of jewellery and the awards he received for his work.

After a year of employment after graduation he moved to the United-Kingdom and started at the Jewellery Design and Related Products course (Birmingham City University, School of Jewellery ) to explore jewellery from a different angle. After 2 years he changed for his graduation year to the Design for Industry course to focus on Computer Aided Design and technology combined with traditional craftsmanship. These different approaches and experiences provided him with a skill set he now offers as service and for commissions.

His inspiration comes from organic shapes, nature and colour as we see strongly represented in his work. His bespoke pieces and commissions gave him a understanding of jewellery that can now be transferred too different types of jewellery. His graduation collection, which will launched in June, based on marine life, will be a range of fine/high-end jewellery designed with CAD and produced for shows, exhibitions and commercial available. The collection will be a more easy-wear collection for daily wear or special occasions, but like previous work, it will be eye catching, according to the high standards he is always striving for.


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Huub Boekhorst at last years Goldsmiths Craft and Design Counsel Awards.

Huub Boekhorst at last years Goldsmiths Craft and Design Counsel Awards.


Academic career

Birmingham City University - School of Jewellery 2018-2019. Jewellery and Silversmithing, (CAD) Design for Industry BA.

Birmingham City University - School of Jewellery 2016-2018. Jewellery Design and Related Products BA.

Vocational Jewelleryschool Vakschool Schoonhoven 2012-2015. Goldsmith and entrepreneur, intermediate vocational education.

ICM Utrecht, University of Professional Education 2011-2012. Applied Psychology, pirvate university, preparation year.

Hendrik Pierson College 2005 - 2011. High school for Higher Education, HAVO.

Short courses.

Birmingham City University - School of Jewellery 2018-2019. Stone setting - CSD - Evening course.

Gemmological Association of Great-Britain April 2018. Gem-A, Diamond grading and identification practical certificate.

Birmingham City University - School of Jewellery 2017-2018. CAD Rhino jewellery/Matrix for designer makers - CSD -


Freelance goldsmith at De Diadeem, 2012 - present. Part-time job, (junior)goldsmith, production and statement jewellery.

Freelance CAD Designer, Birmingham 2018 - present. Part-time job, designer for production and statement jewellery.

Freelance designer-maker Birmingham 2016 - present. goldsmith for commission based jobs and services.

Internship Goldsmith/Jeweller, De Goudsmid Curacao 2015-2016. Junior goldsmith and jeweller half year internship and further employment.

Internship Goldsmith, Goudsmederij van Bruggen 2014. Junior goldsmith, jeweller stone-setter, half year internship.