Brillanza Jewellery | Huub Boekhorst Jewellery Design

Awards and press

Goldsmiths’ craft & design council 2018

For the GCDC competition Huub Boekhorst designed and produced an argentium silver hairpin. This piece of bespoke jewellery got submitted to the competition and rewarded with a Bronze award for technological innovation for the use of a fine wire mesh made from argentium silver. The gold GEM-A award was assigned for demonstrating how a scholarship would influence and benefit hisskills and future designs. 

British Art Medal Society 2018

For the British Art Medal Society, student medal competition 2018 Huub Boekhorst designed and produced a medal “Tanden fit surculus arbor” that got rewarded for the best use of lettering. The translation of the Latin verb is as follows; “a shoot at length becomes a tree” and features also in braille script around the sideof the medal.

Interview Gem-A and diamond grading certificate

As part of the GEM-A award from the GCDC competition 2018 Huub Boekhorst was granted a Diamond Grading course in London from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, which he completed successfully. A interview was held about his work for publicity.

Goldsmiths’ craft & design council 2019

For the GCDC competition Huub Boekhorst designed a multipurpose bangle/hairclip. in matrixV8. His design got rewarded with a silver award in the 2D Design CAD presentation. His ring Erizo De Mar was also on display at the award evening at the goldsmiths hall in London.