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Bespoke jewellery

A range of bespoke jewellery in different materials, these pieces are designed to show skills and craftsmanship and push the boundaries in jewellery. By exploring jewellery from different angles and to create designs you normally don’t encounter, Huub Boekhorst knows how to create unique work for his clientele.

Titanium and silver bracelet.


This bracelet for men is made from sterling silver and anodised titanium. Due to his flexibility around the joints and the spinning silver parts with different finishes (mat/polished) the piece invites people to pick it up and play around with. The titanium protects the silver and the parts which are hollow, make the piece surprisingly light and easy to wear.

cocktail ring erizo de mar


A true bespoke cocktail ring. Designed in matrix and produced using the latest technologies; 3D printing, direct metal laser sintering and laser welding, Erizo de mar is produced in silver, rhodium and yellow gold plated and contains gemstones all around, including hidden under the wire frame. For more details follow the button and see how this ring is produced.

Silver necklace with green perspex.


Bespoke Necklace from sterling silver with see through perspex elements, designed as a wearable but could also serve as an eye catching object for in house. This Necklace completely made from silver wire and soldered without technological advantages represents craftsmanship of high level. The construction allows movement and always attracts people to try on.

argentium silver Hair pin.


This Argentium silver hairpin was designed and produced For the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards 2018. It was rewarded the gold Gem-A award and a bronze award for technological innovation. For more information see awards and press

14K yellow gold ring.


Made in 14K Yellow gold, this ring was produced near the start of the tour de France in 2014. Constructed from wires, it owns his shape from the helmet cyclist wear. the curvature makes it a very comfortable ring, and lays pleasant against the finger.