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These are the first collections produced by Huub Boekhorst. His newest collection: Colonia Di Coralli is launched in June 2019 and will be available for purchase through contacting Huub Boekhorst by making use of the details on his website. This collection will also be on display at New Designers in London, and at the Vittoria Street Gallery at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham United-Kingdom.

By clicking on the “learn more” button you get directed to the complete overview of the collections, product overview en behind the scene photography about design and production.

For more up to date information please follow his social media channels and keep an eye on the website where major announcements will be placed. In autumn/winter 2019 an extension of the collection Colonia Di Coralli is scheduled, and in the summer of 2020 a third collection/extension will be produced.

His previous collection A Gesture of Colours, produced in 2018 is still available and in stock and has a more contemporary approach of jewellery, to show his diversity and understanding of the different fields in jewellery.

Gradini Blu (Blue steps) hero piece from the Colonia Di Coralli collection. Gradini Blu is produced in sterling silver with 9k gold, synthetic sapphire, spinel and CZ. For the rest of the collection follow the learn more button.

colonia di coralli

Is the most recent collection designed and produced by Huub Boekhorst, inspired on marine life and corals, produced in (semi) precious materials, with the centre piece Gradini Blu as eye catcher of the collection.

A Gesture of Colours, Collection 2018

a gesture of colours

A contemporary jewellery collection in silver with anodised aluminium produced in 2018 to show Huub’s understanding and skill in different fields of the jewellery industry, this contemporary collection is still in stock.