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Some true bespoke work, as gift or for personal use. In the last few years Huub Boekhorst had a couple of interesting commissions to work on, these are some of the favourites. For any enquiries about more commissions, more easy wear and traditional jewellery or engagement rings, please make use of our contact page.



Hand made diadem in sterling silver with golden details, handmade glass flowers, sapphires and silk For more images about production of this stunning piece of craftsmanship please follow the button provided below.

Flower brooch


This large flower brooch was a commission based on the favourite flower of the customer and set with a peridot cabochon. Made in sterling silver with minimal details but striking due to thesize and the bright green peridot.

Silver with anodised titanium bracelet


A commission for a large silver bangle with anodised titanium ranging in colour from black to orange-yellow. The bangle is made with tension to staywrapped around the wrist.

Sterling Silver Cone Pendant

sterling silver toothpick box

14k gold geometric pendant

Sterling Silver cone pendant with dark wooden details. Due the construction this piece allows movement around his own axis. the ebony wood prevents the wearer from feeling the point.

14K geometric pendant with square diamond setting. With a length of only 20 mm this intriguing pendant is made from square wire all under perfect 90 degree angles. There is a lot going on fur such a small object that reflects beautiful on his own.

Sterling silver toothpick box with hinge, made for a client who travelled a lot requested a special holder for a daily object.