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Objects & large scale

3 Different large-scale/objects created by Huub Boekhorst for different purposes, as a designer who explored different fields of jewellery he also encountered projects that you normally wouldn’t see in the jewellery industry. Taking on those challenging opportunities proved him with a better understanding of possibilities, technique and materials. These projects were also rewarded with publicity, exhibitions and awards.


“Mobile” Sterling silver, 3D prints and acrylic, move-able object.

The “mobile” is an object inspired on social and the the movement around the world. Its made from sterling silver and nylon 3D prints, there is a gear construction attached that makes the world map on top with their symbols spin around. For more detail and construction process please follow the button below.

Art medal

Medal made for BAMS Competition.

Tanden Fit Surculus Arbor, is an art medal, designed and produced for the British Art Medal Society, student medal project. Its been award for best use of lettering (see awards and press). For more information, design development and the 3D print that was used, follow the button below.

crown as collar

A Crown as collar, a large scale object made for a fashion show to celebrate 200 years of kingdom in the Netherlands for the Dutch Royal House. The project was a collaboration with, artist and couturier Peter George d'Angelino Tap for his project Panta Rhei, the collection of dresses and collars went to different exhibitions.