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Product Care

Taking care of pearls

Pearls are organic gemstones and therefore to preserve their radiance, avoid letting pearls come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, detergents, the sea, swimming pools and saunas, chemicals, soap, hot water. We recommend removing jewellery when you shower or have a bath, particularly if you are wearing pearls.

Always put on your pearls last after getting ready. A pearl's lustre can also be harmed by perspiration. To prevent this, before returning your pearls to a jewellery box, wipe them gently with a slightly damp soft cloth.

A silver cleaner can be used to clean sterling silver pieces. Ideally, store silver pieces in an airtight bag to help reduce tarnishing. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean metal as they can cause scratching. Ultrasonic cleansers should never be used with pearl jewellery as they can damage pearls.

To protect your jewellery, pieces should be individually placed in a pouch or within a soft lined box to stop them being scratched or tangled. Ideally store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place, and try to keep pieces apart to avoid friction damage or tangling.

Yearly check of jewellery.

All products produced by Huub Boekhorst are checked carefully to guarantee the highest quality. To make sure your products stay in a good condition we advise you to bring in your jewellery at least once a year, jewellery also wears done over time, as long as this gets checked on a regular base, we can avoid problems and take care of your products in time, when products don’t get on a regular bases, reparations might take longer.

To make sure your jewellery keeps looking good we offer a polish and clean service to bring back the extra shine on each product, for advise how to clean your jewellery at home and which products to use, please fill in the contact sheet and we will respond to you as soon as possible.