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Beside working on commissions for bespoke and fine jewellery or producing computer aided designs, Huub Boekhorst also offers a range of repairs and services for jewellery. A variety of different repairs can be found below, and the slide show gives you insight to a goldsmiths professions.

Bracelet repair

Some of the elements on this 14k gold bracelet were broken due to wear, these parts are replaced, it was also necessary to replace some of the rivets between the links and the bracelet was then finished with a high polish.

earring repair/new

With gold from this client a set of earrings was made, one earring got lost to make sure they would be exactly the same the decision was made to create a new pair instead of a copying the old one.

ring with pearls repair

Some of the pearls on this ring fell of, the wires they needed to be attached on were very short, so after removing all the pearls, new wires got attached, the ring got finished and polished and a new set of pearls was added.

new ring shank

The shank on this ring needed to be replaced, due to previous repairs and old weak connections the client decided to replace it in whole. The head with the stone needed some new claws to prevent future loses.

watch strap repair

A challenging repair on this watch, the locket broke and needed to be replaced. With the pearls we had to be extra careful with soldering.

resizing ring

A set of 3 rings that needed to be resized and a few new stones were put back in place..