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The following page is an overview of services offered by Huub Boekhorst. All services will be discussed personal with our clients to for optimal results, all enquiries about these services can be filled through our contact form.



As a designer-maker Huub Boekhorst works as a goldsmith, who beside creating his own collection and jewellery offers a repairation. A range of repairs is exhibited, like other services these jobs will always be discussed with the customer, and if necessary we make use of our network of skilled craftsman to guarantee optimal results.


cad design

As a Designer Huub Boekhorst offers his Computer Aided Design knowledge to provide 3-D drawings for jewellery purposes. The files created with 3-D software will be completed to watertight files ready for 3-D Printing. enquiries for CAD designs can be made through the contact form.


stone setting

As a goldsmith Huub Boekhorst offers a variety of stone setting techniques, images provided are examples of possibilities applicable in new work and for repairs. In case the required job is not on showcase please contact us for more information. We work together with skilled craftsman to provide the required results.